воскресенье, 28 сентября 2014 г.

Planet Shooter. Optimizations.

So, I made fixes I mentioned in my last post. Plus I made everything as I could [Inline]. And this gave tremendous performance gain - up to +30%! Now I can handle 800 objects with 60 fps!

The video:

Some interesting things I learned about [Inline] in as3 (in addition to well known, such as mandatory to function be final, static, global):
  • you can't use super keyword inside method marked as [Inline]. That's logical - compiler just take the method's code and places it instead of function call. So in the new place there's simply no such super.
  • you can't use optional parameters with method marked as [Inline]. You'll get compiler error if you'll try.
  • you can't debug a code succesfully inside method marked as [Inline].
For now I can say that I finished the core engine for my game. I heavily optimized it, can explain every line of code, fixed all bugs that I found. It seems that it's stable and fast. I don't have memory leaks - this is how the game session looks in Scout:

As you can see, the only memory allocations I have are done with player runtime and are unavoidable.

So from now on I'm starting to work on graphics! No more ugly cubes and spheres!

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